I love to eat. I especially love to eat food I grow or gather or trade for. I wold rather eat an old hen that a neighbor culled, the kind that needs stewing for hours before you can chew it, that a tender fillet that was factory fed and shipped from Omaha. I also love to tell people what I eat, even when their eyes have glazed over and they are clearly not interested. On this blog, I have a captive audience and I hope an interested one so I am going to wile away today’s post with telling what I have had for dinner this week.

Pizza. I store wheat and grind it myself but for pizza. my kids like a lighter crust so I but flour in 50 lb sacks from my co-op. I usually go with 1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 white flour. For topping, we had sun dried tomatoes that I soaked in hot water and olive oil, feta cheese, olives, spinach leaves, dried mushrooms and Parmesan cheese. I bought the olives and olive oil. The oil was free trade. The cheese was local and really expensive so we went very light on that. The mushrooms were foraged and dried last summer and the spinch was dried as well. It is not the same as fresh but it is better than something from California or Florida.

Salmon cakes. I buy canned salmon when it is 10 for $10.00. I use flavored bread crumbs that I make, onions, milk and an egg to make a paste that will hold together. I don’t follow the can directions as it is way too wet. I fried these and served them with rolls-the recipe came from last months Mother Earth News. We had the end of the pickles, oven roasted potatoes and grape juice I put up from fox grapes. It was a little slim for my crowd so I made a peach crisp for dessert. I still have a lot of peaches.

Stew. I went to the cellar and brought up canned everything but potatoes. I had to boil them for 15 minutes before I added them to everything else. A little cornstarch thickened the broth. I served some applesauce because I still have a lot of that too.

Pancakes. My kids like breakfast for dinner. I served them with the last of the frozen strawberries. Those berries were so good, I could have served them over newspaper.

Quiche: I filled a regular milk and egg batter with frozen fiddleheads, mushrooms, cheese and onions and served some dilled beans. Do I need to say were all the food came from.

In my dreams, I will someday be able to get local wheat. I will always have to import some stuff like olive oil, chocolate, coffee and Earl Grey tea. Still, it is possible to get that stuff free trade and organic. I will have to pay dearly for it but I can do that because I don’t eat meat every night and don’t mind foraging grapes, mushrooms and greens.

We are reaching a point here. Do you all remember that old poem about The Wonderful One Horse Shay. It was built to last forever because the builder noticed that things broke down, they didn’t wear out. It lasted a good long time too, then broke down in a crashing heap all at once. I think that’s where we are, breaking down all at once. We have to eat local. We have to eat less. We have to think about where our food comes from. We have to store enough to get us through the crisis that are looming. We have to get prepared. The time is now