I was talking to my daughter about today’s post and she brought up a number of things I seem to consider necessities of life. Tea is one. In a crazy moment, I purchased a box of tea bags that you fill yourself, then seal with an iron. I spent a lovely afternoon making up a bunch of different teas and was a happy girl until I did the math. I could have purchased already filled tea bags for a lot less money. Then I bought a package of three reusable muslin tea sacks. I have been using them for months now and I like them a lot but really. I paid several dollars for three little bags that I could have stiched up myself from scraps for free. We do seem to be determined to spend. So this afternoon, I got out the old Singer, a decrepit muslin pillowcase and a skein of embroidery floss. I made a dozen tea bags in about fifteen minutes. With the herbs I grow, I will never be without tea.

Books are another must have. I really like library book sales, church sales and estate sales. I fugure that if things really fall apart I can still read and drink tea and life will seem not so bad. So I buy books and keep them in boxes up in the attic.

I don’t get to fish much but I do enjoy it. I live next to a river and I pick up a lot of fishing gear. I have gotten some very nice stuff at tag sales. I have felt bad a few times because it seemed like some old fellow had just passed on and his wife was getting rid of his tackle but I assume he would be happier knowing I was using it than to think it went to a land fill.

I like puzzles and some board games. I use to get a lot of games and puzzles at the Salvation Army but with the scare of lead tainted toys from China, our thrift stores won’t sell toys anymore. I  still find a nice bunch at tag sales. I think a lot of kids get games for Christmas but won’t play with something that doesn’t have a battery. We all love Clue, Yahtzee, Rumicub, Set, Parcheesi, Checkers, Carroms, and Sorry. We do lose pieces from time to time so I will pick up a game just for the spare parts if the price is right.

When I think about the world we know changing, I realize just how good we have it here. I hope I can move into this changed world with some grace and dignity and still find joy in the things that will be available to me.