In the coming dark days, I fear we are going to have a glut of folks who can’t do anything useful. I am thinking about the abundance of graduates with MBAs, philosophy degrees, BA in liberal arts, woman’s studies, art history, and comparative literature. How many advertising executives, life coaches and motivational speakers are we going to need? I am not concerned that we have so many now (well I am actually but it isn’t relevant) but I wonder how many of them know how to do other things when following their bliss no longer keeps them fed. I think we need a new college system that teaches some useful things that will likely come in handy.

Do you know a cobbler? I am thinking that knowing how to make or repair shoes is a pretty rare talent and we will need at least one in every community. We will need barbers. We will not need hair stylists but actual barbers with the tools to provide shaves and haircuts when we might not be inclined to use disposable razors. Do you know  a winemaker, beer brewer, cheese maker, bread baker, or miller. Even if someone does some of these things as a hobby, would they have the tools and equipment to do it on a small commercial scale. I know we will need butchers. Weavers and seamstresses, basket makers and soap makers will all be in demand.

Random thoughts here. I know people who are looking at job loss and have had careers as furniture salesmen, social workers, and interior decorators. I sure hope they got some other skills along the way because those jobs might be gone for good.

If you have kids, start teaching now how to do things. Being the best on the block at some video game will not get them very far down the road.