I am on an unfortunate number of mailing lists for garden related supplies. I usually peruse the catalogs I receive daily before passing them on or sending them to recycle heaven. Usually, I am flabbergasted by the incredible array of stuff I have no interest in owning but today, hidden in the middle of of pages of glitzy, expensive non-essentials, I found a gem of an idea.

We were cursed with a tomato blight last year. The hope to eradicate it from one’s garden is to be diligent about not planting tomatoes in affected soil for three years. We have a new garden plot coming on line this summer. It has spent the last two years sitting under a couple of old carpets, percolating. We do no work we can avoid around here and by covering a patch of grass and weeds for a long period of time, we know we will pull off the mulch and find rich, black soil that will required minimal tilling before being ready for seed or cutting. We planned to put in another 50 raspberry plants in the space but needing a space for tomatoes was going to change things. So what I found was this system (read expensive and over-engineered) for growing tomatoes upside down in a fabric cylinder. The thing cost nearly $20.00 before shipping and handling and you have to add your own soil and seedlings which makes for some mighty expensive tomatoes. So here’s my plan.

I am going to ask Bruce to set up a place for me to hang a dozen bags. Of course, I have no intention buying them. I see no reason I can’t stitch them up from some old burlap sacks. It solves the blight problem and the space problem. I can’t see why it won’t work. The tomatoes grow down so they are easy to reach and I can throw the whole thing in the compost pile in the fall. I will let you all know how it works out.