I watched a portion of a Lisa Ling documentary on homeless and the recession yesterday. It was both eye opening and incredibly sad. Don’t try to tell the woman with three kids forced to walk the streets all weekend because the day shelters are closed that this is not a depression. 18 months ago, a lot of these people were blue collar workers living a paycheck away from homelessness. Then the paychecks stopped. If ever there was a call to preparedness, this is it. It doesn’t take a hurricane to rob you of your home. It takes only a downturn in the economy coupled with a lack of savings and no way to reduce expenseses.

I was particularly struck by the older people who had adult children who did not know their parents were homeless. The parents had not told their kids because they did not wish to be a burden. I need to put my kids on notice right now. Remember all of the nights I sat up with you when you were sick? Remember the tuition, the soccer camp and the tennis rackets, the prom gowns and the home-cooked meals? I have every intention of being a burden to you. If not your family, the people who love you, then who? Society? Strangers?

On a more practical note. I am playing around with homemade cleaning solutions. The commercial stuff is expensive and tough on the environment. Rather than stockpile bottles and boxes of laundry soap and disinfectant, I hope to store the raw ingredients along with some reusable spray bottles. I got most of the supplies today and will start experimenting tomorrow. If you want to pass on your on favorite recipe, I would appreciate it. I am starting with liquid soap that will wash both hands and dishes. I will keep you appraised of my progress.