I bit off more than I could chew yesterday. We had some honey to harvest. It wasn’t much but it was an opportunity for us to try the extractor. Turn out, extracting honey in your kitchen with a 6 year old under foot is a messy proposition and the house smells like a hive. A friend dropped by with some outgrown coats. They are excellent coats but both are monogrammed. A sensible person would have covered the monogram with a patch of some sort, but I decided to pick out the stitching. A hour later, on my second letter, I gave up  and will buy an applique next time I am town. I tackled another couple of cabinets and would have done more but Mike Folkerth sent me a copy of his book, The Biggest Lie Ever Believed. I can’t put it down. You shouldcheck out his blog, The King Of Simple. Thank goodness I had left over lasagna for dinner. Mike makes me laugh which is a good thing when the news goes from bad to worse every day. I will post later when  I have more time.