I have to laugh. Every news station is running stories on the new frugality. I have seen segments on gardening, barter, coupon shopping, buying used clothing, you name it, it’s being covered. One would think that the idea of living within one’s means is a totally new concept.

Years ago, I used to subscribe to the Tightwad Gazette, a 4 page newsletter devoted to tightwaddery. Maybe it’s a rural thing. Everyone I know thinks of getting something for nothing as a lifestyle choice. I know one or two people who have always spent like there was no tomorrow ( there was and it’s today) but we felt sorry for those poor souls, the way we would if we learned that he was bit simple. To bad but these things happen.

One thing I have noticed is that there is still an emphasis on getting essentially the same lifestyle (food, clothing, car) as before but not spending as much money. They are still not getting it. We can’t have the same lifestyle. We will need to eat differently, more locally, fewer calories, less meat, dress differently, practical, warm, durable, live in different houses, smaller, more efficient, closer to where we work, drive differently, shared autos, fewer miles, drive until the car becomes so old it is almost car vapor. That old life is over for most of us. The new frugality is the new reality. It is not a phase or a fad or a hobby. Get used to it.