Yesterday, Bruce and I made a stop at one of the two stores in our tiny town, an excellent hardware store that we visit often. I don’t care for jewlery except my wedding rings. Maybe that’s why I enjoy looking at hardware. I love tools and gadgets, even adhesives are interesting for me. I looked over the stock with an eye toward stocking up from a preparedness standpoint and found a pile of things every family should have on hand.

Rope: Cordage of all kinds will come in handy.  It is probably no possible to have too much on hand in a variety of weights. You can always trade it if you have more than you need.

Fasteners: Think nails and screws, heavy duty staples and a staple gun, nuts and bolts.

Adhesives: There are so many kinds of tapes and glues. Not all of this keeps well but it is great to have for trading. Duct tape and electrical tape are  as is wood and all purpose glue.

Plumbing supplies: Think about keeping enough on hand to replace the pipes under a sink as well as repair a toilet or a leaky faucet.

Tools: I mentioned the usual hammers and screw drivers but you also need a crow bar, level, a variety of saws and blades as well as wrenches and pliers. You can go a little crazy with tools.

Wood: If you have a dry place to store it you should keep some exterior grade plywood and as much general lumber as you have room and money for. Some Sheetrock is also a good idea for storage as well as tape and mud.

A good home repair book is a good storage item, even if you have some skills. Bruce can turn his hand to most home repair tasks but, from time to time, needs some guidance before tackling an unfamiliar project.

We tend to think of preparedness as food and security but in truth is is so much more. Preparedness is the ability to meet all of your needs for an extended period of time.