It is easy to get a down sometimes. The unemployment figures paint a much bleaker picture than the stock market does. The rest of the news yesterday was so grim. It seems like there is just so much anger and grief in the world. But there are bright spots too. I found a couple yesterday. The first was from Bill McKibben. He spoke at a local college two nights ago on the subject of climate change and global warming. Please check out This was coupled with a post from Charles Hughes Smith at oftowminds. The piece to find is called survival-4. He wrote about the Remnant and the Parrot Principle. The thrust of the essay is that there is a tipping point where, if a given number of people, in this case 8.8 million, head in a certain direction, they will be unstoppable. The math was a little shaky for me but here is what I took from it. If each of us out in the world who is growing food, watching our carbon footprint, doing the right thing can encourage others to joins us, through our blogs or or conversations or our example, we will become part of a movement. It will grow and grow until it becomes an unstoppable force. We will lead and others will follow. I have to hope there is still time to fix this mess.

I do not want to become immobilized by the scope of the problems we face. I want to continue to get up each day, put my feet on the floor and do what I can do to make things better. I refuse to believe that it doesn’t matter, that I don’t matter, that my children don’t matter.

Yesterday, I picked up some groceries and realized I had forgotten my shopping bags. I felt terrible but I just can’t dwell on it. I have to go out today and make up for it by a positive action. Here is my action of the morning. Could all of you who read this blog give one friend who uses plastic bags a hand made grocery bag? I am going to sew today and give my sister some bags on Monday. Maybe she will mention it to a friend who will make a bag too.

May the Force be with you.