I spent the last couple of days in South Texas, delivering a key note address. It was an eye opening trip. I will say this only before I move on to talk of gardens and preparations-if you live in a place with good water be grateful every day. Conserve, even if you don’t have to. If you live in a place without water, security around this is vital as in make it your first priority.

I returned home feeling a renewed commitment to preparation for emergencies. I flew over the east coast at night. The lights spread out from the center of cities, small and large, The traffic never ceased. I have never seen NYC from the air at night. Our complete and utter dependence on the grid was astoundingly clear. So I was delighter to return home to a delivery of another dozen raspberries, several more fruit trees, 4 more nut trees, new blackberries and more grapes. In a few years, we will be will situated for producing all of our own fruit and most of our nuts. I should be able to forage for beechnuts and trade for walnuts. I do want to explore the world of acorns. We have the oak trees but I have never used acorns.

Our new bees arrive tomorrow. Bruce is like an expectant mommy. He put the new hives together and got them painted. Like any expectant parent, he has been taking classes and going to monthly meetings. I feel like I should throw him a beeby shower (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

I have let my preps slip a bit. We do a good job rotating and using our food and the shelves in the basement are looking a little bare. I am afraid I may need to go to town today. If I do, I will make a stop at the big box store to restock the bathroom essentials again. Two teenage girls go through way more shampoo than is probably necessary.  I have been looking for an on-line source of bulk castile soap so I can begin to make my own. I do store a lot of toothpaste and mouthwash as well as dental but all need to be replenished. I can’t forget how many people I will shelter in a long term emergency.

That might be a good idea for this week. Make a list of all of the people who might land on your doorstep if a pandemic hit. Now look at your preps and calculate how long they will last with all the extra bodies. I did this realized how much more I need to keep on hand if a pile of kids and grand kids descend. I am also taking a page from Sharon Astyk’s blog and concentration on filling in one category of food each week. My peanut butter supply has diminished and I will restock that with my next trip to the market.

My postings may not be daily for the next few months. I usually write first thing in the morning but with the garden calling, that will not always be possible. I suspect that many of you will not have as much time to read either. Please keep in touch. I love to hear about what’s growing and what  you are all eating.