Although it is only 30 degrees out this morning, we are already harvesting spring greens. The greenhouse provides early lettuce, parsley, bak choi and tat soi but we are feasting on wild lambsquarters, ramps and sorrel as well. My yarrow is up and I see the first signs of peppermint.  The fiddlehead are just poking up. I am going on my first of the season mushroom walk next Saturday. If I had been a bit less cautious I would be eating pea sprouts too. I never get my peas in as early as everyone else and I hate to eat the shoots. I am always afraid I wont have enough peas.

I froze a lot of fiddleheads last year and didn’t eat all of them. The question is, does it make sense to eat frozen fiddles when ther are fresh ones just waiting to be picked? I know I am probably going to compost the frozen ones.

I usually get up in the morning and watch CNBC while I do my post and check my email. I am pretty optimistic by nature but it s getting harder to see an end to the economic woes we face. Every week with 600,000 plus more people filing for unemployment translates into more families who will be unable to heat their homes and put food on the table. It translates into the human costs of kids who can’t go to their proms and parents who can’t go to the doctor. The talking heads are joking right now about the cost of tin going up because people are hoarding food in their basements. I wonder if it occurs to them that some of those laid off workers may eat better this week because they thought to store some food when times were good.