I love gadgets but I generally think they are a waste of money and space but I have succumbed to the lure of a food saver. I have used an inherited Deni for years but it is too small and inefficient for the amount of food preservation I do. I picked the Food Saver up earlier this week and I am a convert. This thing is very cool. I dehydrated another bunch of vegetables yesterday and then put them in the food saver. That thing would suck the whiskers off Santa. It’s so fast. Of course, now I need the mason jar attachment.

Bruce and I are putting in the beets, carrots and turnips today. We spent a happy morning looking over the garden plan and deciding that we don’t have enough space. Back to the drawing board. In an effort to disturb the soil as little as possible, we lay down black plastic or some other heavy mulch and let nature do the work. This year however, we may have to resort to the rototiller. I have been reading some very disturbing statistics about crops. Between drought, lack of fertilizer or money for fertilizer and now the possible lack of Mexican farm labor, food supplies could be severly impacted. My goal is to be vegetable and fruit self-sufficient. What I can’t grow, I can but locally and preserve.