Last night, after a fabulous dinner of local chicken breast stuffed with fiddle-heads, the first asparagus, the last of the mushrooms and cheese, a salad from the garden, a loaf of fresh bread, our canned peaches and, to drink, one of the last jars of home canned grape juice, I was speaking to my friend, Helene, on the phone. She gave me what I think is a terrific idea, one I am going to steal and expand upon. She pulled out an old day planner. Each day she keeps track of what was planted, foraged, and preserved, along with the location and other garden and food details. I plan to take this one step further. I am thinking of turning this into a kind of journal. I have a full size day planner that I never used because it was too big for me. It has room to record all of the above information alongwith some other things like weather, yields, animal and pest sightings. If I treat it as I do this blog, with a dedicated time for posting each day, I can put in preparedness information such as weather and flu alerts and odd supplies used. If I start today, on May first of next year, I will have a book that details life on the farmstead. It will provide an inventory of what food I have put up and what I have used. It will keep track of what we build and what we still need.

This won’t work for a lot of people but for folks like me who like to write and like to be organized, it will be fun and informative. What I will record today is that it is raining (finally!!!). The mushroom logs were soaked yesterday and have begun fruiting, the rest of the turnips will get planted between raindrops, I purchased quinoa seed for storage, we will eat another garden salad, the fiddleheads are poking up everywhere, the trillium is out and gorgeous and a lot of my herbs are out and looking very healthy.

My other project has been to design permanent row and plant markers.  I printed out the names in a lovely font on heavy photo paper and had the sheets laminated. Then I cut out the labels and stuck them in the tines of some old stainless flat-wear. You have to cut the labels into individual pieces before laminating so each is sealed on all four sides. These made really cute markers for my herbs especially. I am so motivated to get out there and start planting and weeding but I can not begrudge the rain. It has been dry and the hand watering is awfully time consuming. I am just thinking that markers like these would make terrific, low cost gifts.