With the swine flu on everyone’s mind, I thought I would post about something even more important in a period of crisis-wine.  I don’t drink much but I love making wine. Naturally, I prefer to make my wine from home grown and foraged food. Since the Japanese Knot-weed is emerging with it’s usal vigor (why can’t watermelon be so easy to grow?) that is going to be the basis of this batch. I have a bunch of friends coming over today to harvest the knot weed and get the wine started. If it works out, and it doesn’t always, I will post the directions.

Wine, beer and soda making are the kinds of skills that will be useful to have as the world gets smaller and more local. I have made wonderful lemon soda, root beer and elderberry wine. The apricot wine looked beautiful until the electrician knocked the carboy over and broke it when he was replacing the electrical panel in the cellar. I could have committed a felony but I didn’t.

There are a couple of excellent books on these subjects. I’ll bet if you ask around you can find someone who is a closet wine maker. Make friends with this person. They will be more useful than a book.

This is a short post. The sun is shining, the air fresh. The knot-weed is calling my name.