Postings for the next week will be sporadic. As some of you know, Bruce and are foster parents in addition to being birth parents. In fact, I got my writing start by writing two memoirs about fostering and adopting, Another Place At The Table and One Small Boat. I have a little girl who had been with us a couple of times before returned to us again yesterday. That wouldn’t be so hard but I had already agreed to keep my grand kids while my son is on a business trip to Germany. I got a call later this afternoon saying that another of my little ones needed to come back as well and all of the sudden I am bursting at the seams, cooking for a crowd, blessing the washer and drier as tha sun is not supposed to shine all week and to hell with global warming. There are 8 of us and I’m using the drier.

I have a system. I will have clothes laid out the night before, backpacks ready and breakfast will be muffins I make tonight. In the morning, after all are out the door I will lay out PJs and get dinner in the crockpot. I laid in a supply of playdo (I have a great recipe), lots of crayons and paper and a good supply of fun things like hole punches and staples. If I can get them outside, I will bring them in, youngest to oldest and bathe or shower and get Kid one into bed before I get to kid 2. Kids 4,5 and 6 can take care of their own needs. I an sounding like a drill sergeant. If you take it out, put it back. Is that where that backpack goes? Is the dish fairy supposed to pick up that plate? If I can keep the place tidy, the battle is half won. If I let it get out of control, chaos.

What, you may ask, does any of this have to do with preparedness? Probably not a lot but I am a desperate woman. I must write and this is where my head is today. I just pray that this is not the day something truly catastrophic happens. I don’t have time for and earthquake.