For the first time in weeks it seems, I can look forward to a full day of doing just as I like. Of course, what I like is cleaning up the house, getting some wash out to dry, making bread and working in the garden. My daughter and 1 yo old grandson visited from Tampa all last week, we are minding another two grandkidswhile their dad is in Germany on a business trip rhis week, I watch my nearly two yo grandson twice a week and it has rained a lot. I have also had a ton of appointments. The thing about kids is that their needs are so immediate. There is always a diaper that needs changing, food that needs fixing, a face that needs washing, a soul that needs nurturing. In my younger days, I was better at weaving those things into my day.

All of that aside, as soon as everyone is out the door, I will straighten my kitchen, return a couple of phone calls and sit with a cup of herb tea (my coffee limit was reached by 6:00 AM) and enjoy my yard while sitting in the backyard swing. I will update my garden plot and talk with Bruce about minutia, compost and birthdays plans and bird feeders. We won’t solve the world’s problems or even any of our own. We will just sit and swing and be together. There is no phone out there. There will be no children clomoring for attention. The birds are singing. It looks to be a good day.