I spent my Mother’s Day getting my clothes back to ready. I am 56 and the mother of 3. I am 5’4” and weigh 133 pounds. I’m not heavy, just rearranged shall we way. I have held on to my size 10 jeans thinking that any day I will lose the 4-5 pounds that make them uncomfortable. I am finally able to admit it. It ain’t gonna happen. I packed the pants up to send to the Goodwill  along with a lot of clothes that just don’t suit. I mended, ironed, patched and reorganized. Every stitch I own is clean, in good repair and fits properly. It is also something I am going to wear. It is so liberating! My drawers look so good, even Bruce, the king of keeping things forever, is motivated. He says he is going to clean out his stuff on the next rainy day. Yeah!!!

Tomorrow we are going to move around kid’s bedrooms. I am going to sort their clothes and get rid of the stuff that is outgrown. Finding a home for kid’s clothes is never a problem. I know lots of little kids.

I have tell you about dinner tonight. We had fish using Heathers recipe, our asparagus, a salad with our greens and homemade dressing, our applesauce and potato salad with the very last of our potatoes, onions and some eggs our good friends, Dan and Kathy, brought over. It was a fabulous meal.

I have a web site you should all check out. It is www.howtoboilafrog.com. We watched this movie last night. It’s an eco comedy that presents peak everything in a unique way. I liked it a lot.