When I took cooking lessons from my dear friend Alice, co-owner and operator  of the Creamery and best ccok in the world, I was impressed that 8 of us could cook 10 different things at the same time and still work in a tidy kitchen. We did it with a concept Alice refers to as “back to ready”. As soon as we finished with a pot, pan or tool, the user washed it and returned it to its proper place. There was no hunting for the vegetable peeler or strainer. It was right where it should be and ready for use.

I love this idea! Every morning, I have to empty the coffee grounds into the compost canister, rinse out the carafe, put in a new coffee filter, add new coffee, refill the water resevoir, and start the coffee. I don’t want to do all that. I just want my coffee. Now I have begun to make the coffee pot back to ready as soon as the final cup is consumed. In the morning, I turn on the pot before I go out to check the bees. By the time I return, my coffee is ready. It feels indulgent somehow, as though a fairy has made my coffee.

The back to ready concept works with everything from tools to clothes. Think of the time saved if everything is returned to its home in usable condition. No more hunting for what you need or finding it in need of repair when you need it. I think of the concept of back to ready as a huge part of my preparedness plan.

Bruce has always used the concept with our cars. We keep the gas tank at least 1/2 full and always park facing out. The oil is changed, the tires kept rotated and replaced before absolutely necessary. The car is always ready to use. If the battery should die, the car is facing in the right direction for a jump start.  If I had to leave quickly, I don’t have to back out which saves time.

My new challenge is to get my whole house back to ready. I am going through one room a week and clean it out, organise it and have it ready. I have been wasting way too much time recently looking for stuff that has not be put away or finding it in poor repair. It’s making me a bit crazy as I like to be organized. Would anyone like to join me? We can consider it another blog challenge. How much of our stuff can we have at our finger tips and ready to use?


PS: If you are always back to ready, please send me your organizing tips and techniques. I can use all the help I can get.