My post is late today as I had to do a big shop this morning. It is always remarkable to me just how much stuff a family uses up in daily living which leads me to a funny conversation I had with a friend recently. We were discussing our pantries and she commented that she was quite sure she had enough to live on for six weeks without a shopping trip if she really had to. So I started to ask some question. What about eggs? And oil? And flour. Once she thought about it she had to admit that, of course, she would run out of staples but figured she could always run to the Creamery for those things.

This got me to thinking about what people think of when they think preparedness. For some, it is beyond conception that the day might come when the delivery truck really doesn’t come to a store near you. As long as there is food in the fridge and freezer, they are prepared. They are still of the mindset that the corner store is their emergency pantry. Others may set aside a bit of extra food and assume they will cook on the grill if they have to. The idea that the lights could be out for an extended period of time just doesn’t compute. Still others just laugh if I bring up the subject and tell me they will come to our house and eat potatoes if things get bad.

I planned this shopping trip today because I had let things get away from me and found myself with only a gallon of seriously out-of-date canola oil. I had olive oil but I use a lot of canola oil and had not replaced it in a year. I was low on a few other things as well. My dried fruit was looking sparse and chocolate chips were way down as well. I feel much better having caught up a bit. I am still lower than I like on bottled juices and I will need two more gallons of oil on my next trip. I got more sugar but I know I will need another 100 pounds before summer’s end. The new bees go through a lot and jam making depletes my stash in a hurry. I just reordered wheat. It was the only thing I knew I would need before I do another massive co-op order in September.

I have tons of work to do around here and I should spend at least an hour writing but it is so beautiful out and I still have not gotten my dandelions picked so I can start another batch of wine. Wine wins. Writing loses. The sun will not shine forever.