This is probably the only time I will sit down today, other than for  meals. I have started to preserve some food and once it takes off, it doesn’t look back. Yesterday I got a beautiful harvest of rhubarb and canned 7 pints. We love rhurbarb added to any crisp or cobbler. I was short just a bit so I stretched it with some knot weed but that’s just between us. I also dried a lot of asparagus overnight. I am turning that into soup mix. I gathered some nettle this morning. I will dry that today. I  love soup, especially easy soup made from mixes I put together in the heat of the summer. 

Until our piggies came I was feeling guilty about some of the canned vegetables that were not getting eaten. My kids hate canned green beans and who can blame them. I do a couple of batches so I will have some to show at the fair and some to pop into a quick soup or stew but a lot just sit there on the cellar shelf, mocking me. Now the pigs will eat them and everybody is happy, especially the oinkers.

This is the time of the year to think about cleaning out the freezer and pantries. We are having blueberry muffins for breakfast as I found 3 bags of frozen berries and need to use them up. You may think you will eat old food that is less than palatable in an emergency but why should you? In a crisis you need to be at your best and that means good nutrition and a good attitude. Shriveled vegetables and weevily flour aren’t going to be good for either. As I clean and organize, an ongoing project around here, I am getting all of my processing equipment “back to ready”. When I decide I want to can or dry something, I do not want to go searching for the big funnel or the jar lifter.

I am paying special attention to how I do things this year as I have been asked to do a food preservation workshop for NOFA this September during their annual conference. I am really excited. I love this organziation and I am delighted to pass on information that so many need.