The forecast for tonight was for temps in the 40’s then at 8:00 the weather man added a frost warning for the higher elevations. That’s me so out we went, armed with tarps and sheets and buckets and tupperware containers, anything large enough to cover my tender plants. I have a large supply of clear plastic cups that are perfect for the smaller plants. I actually use them for mini greenhouses for some heat loving starts. After all that work, the threatened frost never arrived but I am not complainngi. This falls into  the “better to have it and not need it thatn need it and not have it catagory. I would rather spend 1/2 hour covering plants for no reason than not to take the time and lose 35 tomatoe plants I started from saved seed. My peppers are lovely, my green beans stately. I treat them all like newborns and I am a fussy mother.

I am beginning to feel motherly toward the pigs too. I really tried to see them as food units, nothing more, nothing less but they are so distinct. One is always the first at the feeding bowl. He has two lines across his shoulders and is easy to pick out. The smallest one is always last to make it to the bowl. They are beginning to come when I call and no longer pull away when I pat them.

We put in the potatoes yesterday. I went way overboard when I ordered seed stock. I spent the early evening walking the neighborhood looking for people who might need them. I managed to get rid af several pounds that way. I stuck a bunch more in our various copost heaps. We’ll see what happens. I have high hopes for the ones I stuck in some grass clippings we forgot about last year.

The wine continues to do it’s thing. I am so looking forward to the elderberry. We loved our last batch. It was a lot like a nice port. This is short post. This is the first week I have to get get kids out the door to school, get out early myself and still manage to feed the pigs and uncover the plants.

I want to keep an eye on the news as well. North Koreas is agitating again with an underground nuclear bomb test. I think the earth must rebel in some way against the insult. I will find what joy I can but it is a worrisome time for sure.