I was asked recently if I worked. I know it is petty and silly and I should just get over it but it annoyed me anyway. No. I am not in any technical sense, working.. I don’t get dressed up,get in my car, drive someplace and do a job that somebody considers essential enough that write me a check for doing it. I get up, slip into a pair of jeans so crusty they could stand alone. I mix up a pan of slop-powdered milk, wheat germ, crusts of bread, a can of green beans or two and whatever didn’t get consumed the previous day and walk to the pen to feed the pigs. I return home and get the girls up and off to school, clean the house, check the garden and do whatever else I am doing. I plant and preserve and cook and blog and write and so on. There are a lot of days when I sit in my swing and drink tea while reading a good book but we won’t discuss that here. I am looking for a little sympathy and letting on just how much pure fun I have is bad for drumming up any poor you’s.

I think there is a whole sub culture of us out there doing the kind of stuff we do who look poor and dirty and overworked on the outide but are actually having an absolute blast most of the time. This is close as it comes to being Peter Pan. I never have to grow up and do the loathsome stuff that a lot of grownups are forced to do.

Now if you want to have more fun that looks like work to the outside, I would stronly suggest you get some chickens. We raised them for years and are working on the plans for a chicken truck so we do it again. If you don’t know anything much about chicken farming, there is a nifty course on line at www.postpeakliving.com/chickens-101. Kathy McMahon, the Peak Shrink over at Peak Oil Blues, who happens to be a good friend of mine and smart as all get outs has given the course here in town. Bruce took it and held on to all the resources. He said it was really useful and he doesn’t say that about much. Now it is available to everybody with a computer.

I hope the rest of you are warm and dry but not too dry. We have an embarassment of water in the northeast. It is so cold and damp that we actually turned the heat on. Now that I have warmed up I am a much more cheerful person.