I have a big interview forJust In Case here on Saturday. My house is pretty tidy most of the time but it is definately a working house. All of the bee feeding stuff is on the kitchen counter. I have a pile of canning jars on the island waiting to go back to the basement. When the interviewer called to set up the time to come out I had to bite my tongue not to yell “Henry! Get out of Gramma’s wine! ” (at 10:00 in the morning, this could sound a bit alarming) but I always have wine fermenting in carboys along the back wall and Henryfinds it irrestable. We read a lot so there are always books everywhere. I have to keep a pile of coats out year round because our weather is so unpredicatable. Let’s not forget the bowl of slop that sits on the counter. I expect everybody to put the dregs of cereal and any other leftovers in the bowl to take to the pigs. There is no chance that HGTV is ever going to feature my house as anything but a before example.

But today, my house is really clean. I had to teach a class last night and came home to find that Bruce had even washed all of my floors. We got rid of bags of clutter and found homes for things that generally just get left out. It really looks wonderful. Now I have to keep it this way for another whole day.

As I write this, I am watching the morning news. There is not much good going on there. General Motors will file for bankruptcy withing hours. North Korea has launched another test missle. The deficit continues to soar. It would be easy to let the negative news pull me down but I have other, if not bigger, fish to fry. The pigs need feeding. My friend, Heather will come home with her new baby today and I want to get a casserole in the oven for her. I need to water the greenhouse plants. I found a stand of nettles and I want to make soup. I need to get a batch of soda going too.

My life could seem small to a lot of people, consumed as it is by pigs and compost, wine and clutter. But as I listen to the news, small seems like not such a bad thing. In a post carbon world, small will be what saves us. I bought a copy of Carleen Madigan’s book, The Backyard Homestead, to give to Heather as a baby gift. (that tells you a lot). It is a book that celebrates small. When I do this interview tomorrow, I hope I can do that-celebrate the virtue of small. The interview is actually about regular people getting ready for an economic collapse but I plan to make it as upbeat as I can. I want to let viewers see another way to do things-another way to live a life.