In preparation for today’s interview, I straightened out my cellar storage. I made a few discoveries. I have a lot of stored butter. I wondered why that was as I am usually good about rotating my food. I realized that we don’t like the stored butter for general consumption. It has a slightly grainy consistency and tastes just a bit off. It cooks just fine but we all avoid using it when it’s in the fridge. The other problem is that, contrary to what I expected, it get really hard when it’s cold and really runny if left out for long. I have some commercially canned butter that I would love to try but it was dreadfully expensive and I hate to open it. I am afraid that when I die, my kid will throw out the expensive storage food and make terrible remarks about what a nut job mom became in her declining years. to avoid that, and to see what the commercial stuff tastes like, I am going to bite my frugal bullet and use it. Oh, the pain of it all.

I found 6 ( 6!!!!!) jars of applesauce in the back of a cabinet so all of the work moving things around was well worth it. We love my canned sauce and hate the bottled stuff from the market o this was a great find. The secret to fabulous sauce is to add some of those little cinnamon candies while it’s cooking. It gives a little zing to the flavor and turns the sauce a lovely, deep pink. I don’t know what happened with the apple butter. I must have been loaded with apple and sick of making sauce because I still have a dozen jars left. I am giving it away to anybody who will take it.

I have yet to put in my cucumber plants and I need to get to it. We adore bread and butter pickles and I didn’t have anywhere near enough this year. My dills were not great. I need to find an expert to help me out this year. The dilly beans were fine and the pickled beets fabulous so I don’t know where I went wrong.

I had to do a big shop for toiletries yesterday. One of the hazards of storing essentials is that it is easy to get spoiled. I always have toilet paper and shampoo and such-until I don’t hop for a year (really) and then notice that I only have a couple of packages left. I am stocked up again and it feels really good. A whole year’s worth of soap, shampoo, toothpaste and such takes up very little room and cost less than a night out. The toilet paper and sanitary supplies take up a lot of space but is well worth it. I talked to my daughter about using reusable sanitary napkins and she had the kind of fit only a 15 year old with major OCD issues can throw.

The sun is shining today. Thank goodness. I fear my beans may have rotted but I can replant them if necessary. BTW. I visited chicky bit’s web site yesterday. i am so jealous. She is so far ahead of us here in cool, damp Western Mass. Her plant are beautiful. One other BTW. I visited with Heather (faith,funand family blog)> Her new son, Florian, is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen. My kids were tiny¬†(4 1/2 pounds when I took my youngest home) and looked like gnomes for the first few months. Florian is round and pink and perfect. I can’t wait to hold him.