As you might have guessed, I was left feeling a bit grumpy after yesterday’s interview. There was so much I wanted to talk about-the importance of community, raising food, sustainable living, individual choices, but all the interview was really interested in was food storage, important, yes but a very small part of my preparedness program. But I have been out to feed the pigs and peruse my garden and I am feeling better in spite of a frost warning for tonight.

My tomatoes, lovingly tended and started from heirloom seed, look plain pitiful. It is simply too cold for the poor things and a week of rain has not helped. The only ones that look good are the extra ones I popped in the cow poop. The composting manure is keeping their little feet nice and warm and they look wonderful. My basil looks even worse than the tomatoes. I hope I don’t need to replace everything, more because I will need to listen to my DH say I told you so. He never wants to plant early and I can never wait. Next year, I swear I will wait.

I am planning to do some fun stuff today. I will make a pot of black beans and bake some bread. I will probably make some yogurt too. A new day, a better attitude.