We had another wild food pot luck last night. Very few people showed up which was disappointing but I understand it. This was not a good wild edibles week. We had some chicken of the woods mushrooms and a couple of dishes made with bishop’s weed but there isn’t a lot else out in proportions large enough to make a meal. I hope that is the only reason so few showed up and not that they have moved on to a new project.

We have a really good core group of folks who are smart and dedicated to living more lightly on the planet as well as being prepared for emergencies. But, as in all groups, there will be those who show up, act all enthusiastic, then drift away, never really contributing new ideas or real work. For them, sustainable living is another form of entertainment. They talk the talk but walking the walk is work and change and sacrifice and not always fun. Sustainability means buying organic when commercial is cheaper. It means eating beans when you prefer steak. It means making mindful decisions about how you allocate resources and some of those decisions will be painful. It means delaying gratification, not for hours or days or weeks but for years. The trees I planted this year will not bear fruit until I am an old lady. I spent a couple of hours this weekend weeding and mulching the raspberries. It was hot, back breaking work but if I want to eat raspberry jam on my toast next year, the weeds must go now.

Now that I have groused for a bit, let me end with some happy talk. For me, happy talk is generally about food. Is wine food? Let’ s call it food for now. My elderberry wine is gorgeous. It is ruby red and clearing up beautifully. It is still working but by next week I should be able to rack it for the first time. Basil is another happy topic. I can stick my nose into a bunch a basil and feel that all is right with the world. And finally asparagus. I make a lunch on many afternoons of asparagus and butter. I won’t tire of it until my first cherry tomatoes ripen.