I am like a kid with a new toy. All of the attachments I ordered for my food saver came in and I have been sucking the air out of everything.

I started with my first big harvest of lemon balm. I dried it, then crumble it, put it in a mason jar and used the lid attachment to seal the top. It was so easy. I have an oxygen absorber order that I need to pick up next Thursday. When I get it ,I have a plan. I had stored some seed last year but the germination rate was only about 60% . I am going to purchase a year’s supply of seeds now. I can still get most of what I need . Then I am going to put the seed packets in mason jars with an oxygen absorber packets and seal them. If I store the jars in a dry, dark place that stays cool, the seed should last a long time.

If I could get myself organized, I could do a real experiment and track the germination rate next year and compare it with the rate of seeds that were just stored in a drawer with no special treatment. Truth is,  life is going to interfer and, in spite of my good intentions, that is never going to happen. I am going to store the seeds and if they don’t germinate well, I’ll replace them.

A whole lot of my life is like that. I could do a lot so much more efficiently if I just didn’t have to feed people, keep the house in reasonable order, earn a living, take a shower, answer the phone and sit on the porch swing with a cup of tea and a good book. Real life.

I am sitting here looking at my living room wall. My stupid cat pulled down the huge quilt that hangs behind the sofa again. Putting it back up is a monumental job. If I was a truly organized person I would realize that I am beat at this game ( the cat loves to swing on the quilt) and I would take it down and replace it with a nice print.  But it is real life. I love the quilt more than I love my wasted time and the quilt is going back.

It looks like we are done with the rain, at least for a day. I need to get out to the garden and see what needs weeding (everything) and what needs thinning (beets and turnips), what got eaten by cut worms(beans), what has insect damage (squash) and what needs to be harvested (lettuce, asparagus). Real life.