Okay, so you may not be a father but any time you can wish anybody a happy something, grab it.

We are looking at another full week of rain in Western Mass which follows the previous two weeks of rain. There have been a couple of sunny patches mixed in but darn few. The rain would be hard enough but the cool weather is a killer for the plants that need heat like tomatoes and peppers. I was just reading Chilichew’s blog. She is from the hot and dry Southwest and the difference between her posts and mine are pretty remarkable.

Bruce went to a bee conference yesterday. He came home with a lot of good information but confessed that he was more interested in the experimental farm that was on the property than he was the bees. He saw several patches of wheat, looked at a grazing program and saw some other plant stuff that looked really cool. I am going to do the research tomorrow and try to find out the particulars of the farm and see if there is some way we could be involved. It is affiliated with a university so there might be a way to volunteer some time. I am also going to be talking with the extension service that is located at the same university and see if there is some way we can revive the food preservation program that was dissolved years ago. I know the interest is there and may just need a spark to get it flaming again.

We ate our first sugar snaps last night. There were not many and I am feeding an army of kids again (a couple of kids I used to have in foster care have returned for a bit) so I steamed them lightly, chilled them, added some tiny carrots and served them with a ranch dip. They were so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. I am making a lasagna today with the first of the local zucchini and summer squash, tiny spinach leaves and the last of the dried shitakes. I have one jar of spaghetti sauce.  I had expected a pile of my own kids today but now I don’t think they are coming (the golf course call, I’ll bet) so I will be stuck with a ton of leftovers. Looking on the bright side, another chance to use the food saver.