We tend to think of car preparedness in the cold weather but it is just as dangerous to be stranded unprepared in the heat. A few preps could mean the difference between comfort and misery, even life and death.

Of course, all of the basic car stuff still applies. Make sure you keep your vehicle in  good repair, fill the tank at 1/2 or even 3/4 full and take good care of your tires. Know your route and stick to it. Carry a cell phone and a GPS as well as a hand crank radio that will charge both. Let someone know your itinerary. Have a clue how to change a flat and make sure you have some emergency flares and a couple of flashlights. This is preparedness light for your vehicle.

A few other things are good ideas when the weather gets hot. Water, of course. A case of bottled water will last indefinitely as long as your kids don’t pilfer it. Check it from time to time. I also carry an umbrella (for protection from the sun, not the rain) a rain poncho, bug repellant and sun screen. I let go of my organic dreams for the bug repellent. I need something I know will work and I won’t be breaking into it unless there is a real emergency. I always have my leatherman in my purse and my regular emergency kit in the back so I am covered for everything else.

This is a short post so I can fill in with an observation. A lot of the words that come up as misspellings on my computer are funny to me. Canner always pops up as does blog. Prepper is no surprise but canner? It is a real thing. I just think it’s funny.