This will be my last post for a week. We are heading to Virginia to spend some time with my son. We will be media free during the trip. I am already shaky at the thought.

I hit the jackpot today. I went to pick strawberries and found that the oyster mushrooms had flushed. I got a big bunch that I fried up and got in the freezer. I found a beautiful hen of the woods too but it was inside and electric fence so I had to leave it. I found that several trees I usually pick from were gone. Our severe ice storms did a lot of damage to our old maples (an oysters favorite home) and the road crews removed them. It is so sad. I feel as though I have lost an old friend when a tree comes down.

I am already homesick and all I’ve done is pack. I love my house and my garden. I am worried that my peas will fill out while I’m gone and I will miss the first ones. All right. So it isn’t like missing your baby’s first steps but it matters to me. Our neighbors, Tom and Heather, (faith,funand family blog) will come over and pick for us but I still would rather be home. If I didn’t miss my son so much I would not be going.

My best to all of you. I will post as soon as I get back and catch up on  all of you as well. Be well.