I have been up and down for several days but I truly think I am getting better. Since I couldn’t go out and was not up to garden work I played catch up around the house. I picked things that could be finished in a few minutes like sorting my seeds and tossing out the ones that got left in the too hot green house or had gotten damp. I set a bunch of older seeds out on damp paper towels to see if they would germinate. I cleaned out a couple of kitchen drawers and got a pile of canning jars washed and ready for my first batch of jam. These are all things I can do for a few minutes and then go read or watch TV or sleep. I even sorted out my Tupperware cabinet, an interesting thing to call it as I have very little actual Tupperware. What I do have is stuff I pick up at tag sales and thrift shops.

I want to thank everyone for the good wishes and advice. This is such a lovely and interesting community. I wish we were all geographically closer but better to be spiritually closer I guess.