I just got back from the doctors and it looks like I  probably had H1N1. Now it’s just a sinus infection and asthma. I did learn  some interesting things. According to my MD, a person is contagious up to 4 days prior to showing symptoms which means that it will be impossible to stop once it hits a community. I probably picked it up on my way to Virgina, was contagious although not ill while I was there and passing germs all the way home. It also means that the people we stayed with were contagious (if they become ill) while they were flying home. With all of the people attending, there were a total of 6 airports visited. You can see how a pandemic happens. My doctor also said there was so much flu here they were not testing anyone but the medically fragile.

I am now on antibiotics, asthma meds and some disgusting nasal stuff and should be back to my old self in a few days. Thank you for all of the advice and support. I hope you all stay well.