When it comes to my food, I am not a big risk taker. I have always frozen my peas and to break out of my comfort zone and try drying them is very hard for me. I work so hard for those peas and we are so fond of them but I am committed to trying to use the lowest energy for of preservation and drying is it for peas. So today is the day. I figure the worst that will happen is that they will not taste fresh picked and will end up in soup. Soup for me is like wallpaper-it hides a multitude of sins. I dried a bunch of raspberries last week. The surprise was how long it took.

Bruce and I are going to have a contractor come by and talk about doing some work on the house. We need new windows, a new double flu chimney and a drainage system to keep the basement drier. Of course, we can’t afford to have all of this done. We will need to pick and chose for what makes us the most energy independent and efficient. We also need to think of the work load. Every year my DH has to climb the ladder and put up and take down the storm windows. It is really not safe and will become harder as we get older. If anything ever happens to Bruce, I will have to pay someone to do that chore. It may make sense to do the windows right now. Our house was built in 1864. The windows are not a lot newer than that. They still have the wavy lines in them. I know the pay back for windows is a long time but I think there is more to consider. As energy gets more expensive, the payback time will shorten. We have also lost a good deal of our savings over the past 2 years. I would rather spend on something concrete that see it weep away in another market crash.

I appreciate the private emails inquiring about my health. I am better but still sleeping a lot and generally laying low. This is one nasty virus but so far no one else here is sick. I will pickle some beets today, get the peas in the dehydrator and make a loaf of bread. I will get the girls to pick the berries. That will be it for me.

The weather is so crazy. It is downright cold in the mornings. At least it is bright and sunny. The garden looks surprisingly good but it is late for sure. We will have to check out good season extenders to ensure a decent harvest.