I had such a nice weekend. I was feeling, if not terrific, at least well enough to get out and about a bit. I went to the used book sale at our Community House and came home with a big stack of books for $5.00. Then I took off with my friend, Leni, for a chanterell hunt. We were successful but to early. We found a huge patch  (multiple patches actually) but the were still too young to harvest. We will go back in a bit and harvest them. I found a huge flush of oyster mushrooms too but the are way up in a dying maple tree. Even with a long handled tool I may not be able to reach them without a ladder.

I am pulling up the snap peas today, digging in compost and planting that space with some kale. I am still harvesting peas. On Saturday, after the mushroom hunt I picked a huge basket. The girls helped shell them and I got brave and put them in the Excalibur. It was hared for me. We love our garden peas and I am worried that dried will not live up to frozen for quality. But there are certainly advantages. That whole basket of peas dried down to less a full pint of tiny, funny looking orbs. I could store a years worth in my dried foods cabinet and never need to worry about power outages. They are supposed to taste as good as fresh. Now I just need to see if there is way to generate enough solar power to run the dehydrator if the power is out. I wish we had enough sun and hot weather here to just get a solar model but we don’t.

There is a lot of talk around here about the blight affecting both tomatoes and potatoes. If it is as big a problem as it sound like it might be, it could well spell tragedy for farmers both large and small. I am going to pick up some neemoil today. It is the only organic likely to work on this scourge.

I want to take a quick moment and discuss money. I hope you have some put away. A stash of small bills could be so important in the event of a forced bank holiday or an extended power outage. Plastic is nice (well, it isn’t nice but a credit card can be handy) but cash is king when you need to buy your child milk or medicine and the plastic won’t swipe. There are a lot of places that can’t operate with no power but small stores often can.