Yesterday was a very good day, food wise, for me. I consider any day a good day when we eat very well and very cheaply, primarily from our garden and what we can forage locally.

I started with breakfast. I had a bowl of my daughter’s homemade granola topped with a local maple yogurt and raspberries from my patch. Then I put in a hard day of drying peas, making sauerkraut, freezing broccoli, pulling out the snap peas and just trying to catch up after a couple of weeks under the weather. Late in the afternoon, my friend, Leni, came by and we went off to harvest a truly remarkable bunch of oyster mushrooms. It was the largest flush I have ever seen, running from the base of the tree all the way to neatly the to, a good 3 feet or so. We cut down a six gallon bucket of shrooms, took them home and divided them up. I had already taken a bunch earlier in the day so I had a lot of mushrooms to preserve. Most will be dried, some frozen in butter sauce but the rest ended up as dinner. I made some pasta (a lot of work but so worth it) with a white wine, butter, fresh peas and mushroom sauce and served it with some garlic bread. It was amazing.

I tried to figure out how much this meal had cost me but gave up in short order. I had better things to do like sit on the deck and watch the sunset, read for a while, help Karen make cookies and take a late swim. At some point I do need to sit down and figure out some basic things like the price of bulk purchased flour per cup. It pays to be aware of information like that, especially if you are trying to live debt free, eat well and prepare for coming hard times. I had it all computed at one time but prices have gone up since then.

I have a birthday coming up and, as usual, have a list of books I want. There is a new home dairy book that looks good and an old one about being independent on five acres. Other than that, I have nothing I crave other than more kitchen equipment but I am starting to feel like an addict in that department. I may have to go cold turkey and just not buy anything new for a while.