Yesterday was both busy and productive. We headed out early on a quest for a stove, broccoli and cauliflower sets and some rosemary plants. I could not find the rosemary I had planted. Really. I looked everywhere and decided I had thought aI had planted it and just hadn’t. The stove was easy. I found just what I wanted. A gas range that does not require electricity to operate. I am glad to be getting rid of my glass top stove. I can finally use my cast iron cookware again, cook when the power is out and use my new canner without worrying about ruining the stove. The new stove has 5 burners and a super burner for things like my canner. This was a big spend for us but I think well worth it. There were a lot of really expensive options to consider. I saved a lot of money because I did not want a stove with a computer or one that was so complicated you needed a manual every time you wanted to turn on the timer.

The broccoli and cauliflower were another storey. There were none available at any of the nurseries we stopped at. I did find some cabbage sets that were so sorry looking that I got 6 of them for a $1.oo. I planted them and will give them love and fish emulsion and hope for the best. We picked up some beautiful multi-colored daisys from a free table. They looked pretty sad too but maybe we can revive them.

I had a treat last evening. Our sustainbility library showed the movie, Juliet Of The Herbs, a lovely little film about the life of Juliet de Bairacli Levy. There was much to recommend this film but one of the images I can not shake was that of the animals on a factory farm. I defy anyone to watch this stuff and still be able to eat factory meat. If the filth doesn’t nauseate you the cruely should. I would rather eat a lot less meat and have what I buy be in line with my values.

I am not sure how it happens but my kitchen is cluttered again. I need to straighten out my baking drawer and pots and pans. I hate to begin a baking or preserving project when my kitchen isn’t neat.

I have two preparedness items to see to, one important and one not so much. The first is laundry. I pine for a hand washer and wringer but the cost is prohibitive, more actually than a new washing machine. I have a notion that I can use a regular toilet plunger (a new toilet plunger) and a mop wringer. I can get those things very inexpensively. I know I won’t use them all the time but I would like to commit to two loads a weeks so that, should I be without electricity, I would be familiar with the process. That’s the important project. The less important thing is to think about sanitation. We have our own septic system and do not live in an earthquake zone that would break our pipes so the odds of not having a flushing toilet are pretty low but, again, one should have a back up plan. I have an old toilet seat that I can set on a 6 gallon bucket. I also have a supply of sawdust and heavy duty contractor bags. I can line a bucket with the bags and cover waste with sawdust after use. It would not be a perfect, long term solution but it would get us over the hump should we not be able to flush for a while. I should mention that we also have a swimming pool so if the pipes were intact but the water not running, I could flush with that water. Lots of preparedness is about being creative and willing to work hard. I would do pretty much anything to remain in my home, no matter what the emergency.