With all of the rain lately, I have been forces inside. While I wold much rather be in the garden, this has given me an opportunity to reorganize my kitchen and work on my preparedness menues. To make it to the list of meals a food must be something I store or can make from what I store, able to be cooked with the methods I have available, tasty, nutritious and able to be stretched should we be feeding more people than planned.

We had one of my favorite meals last night. It is a simple pizza made from the easy 5 minute bread recipe from Mother Earth News. I have the book that this bread recipe came from. It is a terrific find for those who are not comfortable with baking bread as it is pretty hard to mess up. The sauce is from my stored foods as are the mushrooms. I love to make cheese so there you have it. Did I mention that pepperoni keeps for a long time without refrigeration? Bruce boght me a sweet little oven that sits on top of a wood or gas stove. It gets plenty hot enough to bake a pizza. When I have recipes finished, I will put them all in as a post. Most will not require recipes as pretty much everybody has a recipe for salmon cakes and the like sitting around.

I have an experiment to try. I do not grow enogh vegetables to meet all of my needs. Most, but certainly not all. I have read that it is possible to buy frozen vegetables and dry them in a dehydrator. The next rainy day, I am soing an internet search on that. If it works, I plan to dry purchased corn and peas (organic) and dry them to supplement my stores. I am also drying purchased celery as I use a lot of it in soups and I have never been able to grow it here. I need more onions, peppers and garlic than I gres this year, (the rain was hard on my garlic) bt those are the basis for nearly everything I cook. I am a big believer in trying to keep my crisis food as close to what I eat every day as possible.

I am heading to the hardware store as soon as it opens. On of the joys of this tiny town is that it has a terrific, independent hardware store. The prices are a bit higher but the owner is my neighbor and they are located a 30 second walk from my house. If Bruce finds he needs a piece of wood on a Sunday, he walks down and picks it up and drops by on Monday to pay for it. Try that at Home Depot. I need to get some paint to fix p the metal storage cabinet I got at a tag sale on Saturday. I am painting a couple of other cabinets that I keep in the kitchen. I need to come up with better storage for my dried foods as they can not be stored in the basement. I figure things might as well be pretty as not. All of this is on hold right now as the sun is shining and I am going outside to enjoy it.