Sometimes I get blue. It can happen at odd times. I mean, you expect to get down when it rains for 2 straight months or when your garlic never forms scapes. Watching the news is often enough to make you want to curl up with your blankey and a pacifier. But sometimes I get sad just watching my grandkids play in the pool. We call it ourPPPP (pre-peak pool purchase). I can not help but think how different life will likely be for these kids. Those of us born into middle class America in the  50’s and 60’s were born into a golden age of technology and ease. It wasn’t sustainable or responsible but it was certainly fun. Our kids and grandkids will probably be the first generation to have a much lower standard of living than their parents. Climate change and tomato blight, violence and poverty, there is much to worry about, much to keep us from a good night’s sleep. So how does one keep a positive attitude? How do you manage to sleep at night when you are worried about those unemployment numbers or your health insurance?

1. Turn off the televison. It is one thing to read the days news in a paper. The televison will bombard you with truly gory details over and over. It just isn’t good for you and it doesn’t help or change anything. If you want to watch TV, stick to Gilligan’s Island reruns.

2. Be proactive. A lot of the small things I do like using cloth bags probably won’t change the future of the planet but I feel better when I do the right thing.

3. Join an active group. Our sustainability group goes on wild food walks and hosts pot luck dinners and shows movies. Sometimes we just talk about our gardens. A service organization can take you from your selfish self as can a faith based community.

4. Celebrate with ritual. I love rituals around the physical world. For me, our agricultural fair defines my year. I love the predictability of the apple pie contest. My ribbons are some of my prized possessions.

5. Sing.

6. Dance

7. play

8. Kiss your kids.

9. Spend time with your family.

10. Remember to seek joy. There is a lot out there. Laugh at stupid jokes and yourself. Grow flowers as well as food plants. Eat watermelon and let the juice run down your face. Then have a seed spitting contest. Run out barefoot in the rain. Where a funny hat. Surround yourself with joyful people. Some of my best friends are doomers but they are also smart and funny. We talk about a lot of things beside the collapse of our economy.