At least the rain’s not pouring down but I am sitting here, wrapped up in a blanket and freezing. I am have serious concerns about my tomatoes. I am not so worried about losing them to blight but I am worried that lack of heat will keep them green. I did pull some early potatoes yesterday and they were terrific. No so for my neighbor’s spuds. Heather called and it seems she may have the blight.

This will be a short post today as I have a lot to do. The list looks like this.

Make sauce with the two bushels of apples I picked yesterday.

Make a batch of laundry soap.

Make a batch of cheese from the raw milk I was able to buy from a friend of a friend. I have already made mozzerella, yogurt and have kept 1/2 gallon for drinking.

Put my kitchen back together as the new stove arrived yesterday and everything is discombobulated.

Dehydrate 6 pounds of vegetables I bought. You heard me right. I bought vegetables. Frozen peas were on sale. I do not grow enough to get me through the year so I bought some to dry as I have no room in my freezer and don’t plan to buy another until we are ready to butcher the pigs. I also bought frozen corn. We eat a fair amount of corn and, as with the peas, I don’t raise a years worth.

Work on my NOFA food preservation workshop.

Finish the miserable job of going through the last 15 or so jars that remain in the basement from last year. Some of this is perfectly good stuff like blueberry jam. Some of it is clearly never going to be eaten in this life time and will go to the pigs and some is a mystery because I forgot to put a label on on it. I will have to open it up and take a look.

I am expecting a decent day tommorrow so I also want to put together a shopping list for some tag saling. I need canning jars (always) and another cabinet for canned goods. I am also thinking an old refrigerator might do as another make shift cold cellar. It would insulate the food from the heat of the cellar and be rodent proof. Bruce could rig up some way to drop a venting tube from the exterior of the house to the interior of the refrigerator. Voila! Instant cold storage. My poor husband. I just assume he can do anything. The first time he told me we had to take a car to a shop for repairs I felt as though I had dropped into the twilight zone.

Pick up the house. (bottom of the list on a day when the sun is shining)

I also need to spend some time sitting on the deck watching the birds and the bees. No, you naughty things. Not my neighbors in their hot tub but the actual birds and bees. In these hectic days, I must remember to schedule joy. I had a terrible dream last night and the black cloud that has hovered over me since awakening will only disperse with the right combination of work and play.