My good friend, Susi, dropped off 40 pounds of peaches for me yesterday. They are lovely peaches, drops from trees that have only been lightly sprayed with an early fungiciede. As I peel the peaches before canning, I worry less about the spraying than I do about sprayed apples. I hope no one writes to tell me about some hideous thing that will happen to be as result of canning the sprayed peaches. The peaches are not quite ready, goodnews for me as it is another scorching day and canning is not what I want to do. I will probably chose a cool evening for this hot project. It is hours of work but the results are so worth it. My goal is 360 quarts of fruit, one for each day of the year if I was feeding the current family members as well as visitors. That’s a goal, not a reality. As usual, my preps are a work in progress. I will still need to depend on my purchased canned fruit to get to a year’s worth. I can peaches, seckle pears, applesauce, cherries, blueberries and apple slices. I no longer can strawberries as they turn grey and unappealing with the heat.

I have 12 chickens coming from my friend, Kathy and all of the pork from the 2 pigs. I am canning stew beef and hamburger, maybe 12 one pound jars of each.  Next year, I am hoping for lamb. The only problem with the lamb is the cute factor. I have the 3 girls at home and they find the pigs disqusting but I am sure they would fall in love with a dear little lamb.

I am looking over my co-op catalog. I need to fill in my wheat again. Can i just remind everyone to check out their inventory? I was shocked at how much wheat I have gone through this year. I am getting another 500 pounds of wheat and another 100 pounds of oats. I am running into space problems. If anybody spends the night with us, they have to share the room with about 20 6 gallon buckets. The chiffarobe holds the stored cooking supplies and the bookcase is home to stockpiles of pasta. I always hope for the best but I plan for the worst and the worst for me is a run on banks which will lead to a run on supermarkets.

I had a friend tell me that she was sure she could feed her family for 6 weeks just on what was in her cabinets and freezer. Wanna bet? A family of 4, man, woman and 2 kids would need about 7000 calories a day for optimal heath. They could get by on 5000 for a while but they wouldn’t like it, especially if used to considerably more. Once the Cheerios and Eggos run out what will they do for breakfast? I go through about 10 pounds of flour on a week when I bake a lot. How many people have more than a 5 pound sack of flour? What about oats and dried fruit. Most people think of lunch as a slab of sliced lunch meat between two slices of white bread along with some margarine and mustard. The bread would be gone in a day or two and the lunch meat before that. Then what? How many cans of tuna, chicken and ham spread will they have. Can they bake the bread? Do they have yeast? How many cans of soup do they have? Will their kids be willing to eat food they aren’t familiar with? At supper time, when they can’t send out for Chinese or pizza, what’s for dinner? How many potatoes do they have? Five pounds?  Ten pounds? Not enough if they eat them every day. How much rice do they store? How many bags of vegetable? When they pull  out that last sack of freezer burned peas they will be left with a couple of cans of string beans and some artichoke hearts. If all of your food can be stored in your kitchen cabinets, you would be hungry before a week was out.

I am watching the news as I write this. Hurricane Bill is a catagory 4 and heading up toward the east coast. It looks like it will miss us but I trust a hurricane like I trust a telemarketer. Today I am checking out my power outage preps. I need to make sure I have enough rabbit feed and that both vehicles are gassed up. Bruce will get the chain saw ready and make plans for protecting the pigs and bees.