Well, not bliss maybe but good stuff, none the less. My back is better but I am still taking it easy. I caught up on Sharon Astyk’s posts (thanks Madison) and got inspired to change a few things in my house that were not working well. I had been keeping my dehydrator in the kitchen on a small standright behind the table. The dehydrator has many virtues but two things are problematic. First, it’s a bit noisy. Not like a grain mill but distracting while one is trying to have a conversation during dinner. Next, and more of a problem the past week, is that it lets off a lot of heat.  I have a large, unused bedroom upstairs. I run a fan in it during the heat to help keep that room cool as it’s where I store my grains and such. It was a simple matter to get the girls to bringthe Excalibur upstairs, position it near a window so the heat gets sucked right out and the noise is not a problem. I popped a big bunch of zuchinni in and took out perfectly dry chips late last night.

I also did some light cleaning. I am finding that if I don’t wipe my jars down with a very mild bleach/water solution when I put them in the basement, they often develop mold on the exterior. It won’t hurt the contents but who wants mold on their food? I also did some rearranging.  Okay. The girls did the rearranging but I gave the instructions. You know this drill sergeant/benevolent dictator thing could work for me. I brought the canned foods I was keeping upstairs down to the basement and moved the dried stuff to the larger cabinet. I am drying so much that I really need a lot more space. I am on the lookout for a nice antique pie safe or other attractive piece so I can move the tin, tag sale find to the cellar for storing bee supplies.

I was hoping to go to a preppers meeting today. I really wanted to connect with local folks and see who is doing what but, between the rain and my back, I think I will stay home. I have alternate plans. I have three big boxes of peaches coming this morning. With the help of my good buddies we will can some and make wine and brandy with the rest. We also have to rack some finished wine from a few months ago. I am looking to toasting the new year with my dandelion wine, staving off the flu with elderberry and either consume the knotweed or feed it to the compost. I don’t think it looks good.

Between raindrops, the girls will have to harvest the beans so I can get a batch of dillys going and I really need to make some more bread and butter pickles. This is the season of too much. Too much to do, too much food and too much fun stuff going on. Too much can be a good thing.

I can hear the kids starting to stir. I want to surprise them with popovers today. They are simple but with a heated jam on top, they feel special. I can smell the coffee too. Fresh brewed coffee is a small thing I can do for Bruce. He and Karen did some necessary bee work last night. We have one queenless hive and those bees are very aggressive. Both Bruce and Karen came back with a number of stings. Bruce is headed back out early to finish the job but now he will be fully suited up. In this heat, it’s no fun but necessary if we want honey from that hive. Several other hives are really heavy. I can not wait for the harvest. I bought two cases of small glass jars. I hope to sell some honey and barter for some things I need. I will also give some as gifts. When I was teaching, I would have been a lot happier with honey than I was with all of the scented candles and such I received.

I can feel fall in the air. Our agricultural fair starts on Thursday. I am entering a lot of produce and some baked goods too. This was a short summer, cold and wet but summer all the same. I am already mourning it’s waning. The only thing that helps is the anticipation of apple season. I love sweater weather even more than summer. Domestic bliss comes into its own as the cold weather approaches. I like to feel hunkered down, safe and warm in this small sanctuary. Let the markets and the politicians do what they will. My house is my haven, my shelter in the approaching storms. I love every shabby corner of it.