I just got off of a conference call with the most fastinating group of people. All of the Massachusetts presenters for NOFA (Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association) spoke tonight to discuss what we will be doing at our food preservation workshops on September 19. As one might expect, each workshop will be unique and speak to the various skills we have. Some are experts in lacto fermentation, others in dehydration and still others in canning. The real tragedy for me is that I can’t attend the other workshops. I was drooling over the recipes for everything from marinated mushrooms to something called cider fire, a fermented cider vinegar infused with horseradish, onion, garlic and ginger and buried for 6 weeks. It is used as a tonic with some honey or maple syrup.

It has been so much fun to see who has been reading this blog. I now have readers from around the world. There are Christians, Jews, agnostics, pagans and  atheists. There are home schoolers, empty nesters, singles and couples. There are urban, suburban, and rural dwellers. Some folks live on small farms, others are still dreaming about their house in the country. Some people have a primary interest in preparedness, some in homesteading and some overlap. Some people rarely respond while others touch base nearly every day. A lot of my readers have blogs of their own. We form a kind of village, our own on-line Transition Town. This blog gives me hope for the future when things look bleak. I only wish our combined wisdom could be channeled to the powers that be. We know about things that matter like protecting the environment, hard work and managing a budget. We understand the importance of food that nurtures body and spirit. We understand that we can’t have everything we want and we know how to be satisfied with satisfaction of a job well done.

I have not watched television for a few weeks but I did catch the news tonight. I am sorry I did. After digesting nothing but bad news, I had to check in with my different reality. I don’t say it often enough but I am so grateful that all of bother to come here. This little blog remains an island of sanity in an insane world.