I always get motivated this time of the year. The cooler temperatures and crisp air give me a burst of energy. Yesterday I got a big batch of beans in the Excalibur and my peach brandy racked into a jug. I also got into the attic to begin my preps for winter by looking over the winter clothes. I found that we are all in good shape for many things but Phoebe does need new boots. I like to start looking now so I can find a good deal. I have a lot of boots but just not a pair that will fit her this year.

I have actually been thinking a lot about feet as one of the girls had suffered with an ingrown toenail for months and didn’t recover until some minor surgery removed the problem. The infection she had didn’t respond to antibiotics and could have been life threatening if we had not seen to it. I have had Plantar warts a few time and now my youngest has an ingrown toenail too. I went over my medical kit and found I didn’t have many of the thing needed for emergency foot care. I just made a list and plan to pick up these things I am missing in the morning.

Heavy duty nail clippers, emery boards, small surgical scissors, wart remover, pumice stone and mole skins are good things to have on hand. The mole skin will protect feet from blisters. I am also going to purchase more socks. Our heavy wool sock stocks are good but cotton socks do not hold up and need to be replaced every year. If  you wash them every day and keep them out of the dryer they last longer. I also have an old fashioned sock egg and yarn so I can repair wool socks that get holes. I have mended cotton socks but the repairs are only fair.  If the hole is caught early it works but larger repairs leave bumps that are uncomfortable. Socks are cheap enough. Get several extra packages when you can. Slippers are important when the floors are cold. I like slipper socks as the kids sleep in them when it’s really cold. I found a pattern for slipper boots. i tried to make them but they were pretty funny looking. My friend Barbara is an excellent seamstress. I am going to ask her if she would look at the patterns and help me out.

I store lots of shoe stuff like mink oil for waterproofing and shoe goo for repairs. I have extra shoe laces too. We aren’t an army but we still run on our feet as well as our stomachs. If your feet hurt, gettin anything done is really hard and cold feet make it impossible to keep the rest of your body warm.

One of my dreams is to have a community sewing center and clothing and boot exchange. I would love to have a place families could go to get minor clothing repairs made and learn to sew as well. We could even recruit a cobbler. Sewing machines are another of those big-ticket items that not everybody needs. Sharing resources and skills are key to healthy communities.