This is a Friday night catch up as opposed to a post.

Today was the 9/11 anniversary. I did not watch the original news coverage much as I was home schooling at the time and did not want my children exposed to the images. Today I watched a lot of the original coverage and was brought right back to that place and that time. At my age there are two questions we can all answer. “Where were you when JFK was assassinated? Where where you when the towers fell?” Those questions defined 2 generations. I have a foot in both.

On a different note. We are in the midst of a cold snap. It was down right cold in my house today. I was complaining to my friend, Heather, and she said she was posting a challenge on her blog (faithfunandfamily). She calls it stove chicken. The last one to light up the heating stove wins. She didn’t say what we win. I want a batch of home made perogi (that’s a hint Heather). I fear that many people are trying to prepare in order to keep things just as they are. I think that is unrealistic. Things may well be very different. When I was cold today I layered up with a long-sleeved turtleneck and sweater with a fleece vest over that. I wore wool socks and kept on my wool clogs all day. I was pretty comfortable and the cold gave me a reason to drink hot ginger tea. Maybe a third question will define the next generation. “Where were you when you learned about resource depletion and peak oil?”