I got a cider press! Well, not me alone but Bruce and me and two other couples. I am excited on two fronts. Of course, I am tickled that I will be able to make cider and press fruit for wine but I am just as pleased that I have made my first group purchase. I think it is such a waste of resources for everybody to buy these big-ticket items when they are used for just a few days a year. Pressure canners, cider presses, even pick-up trucks are huge expenses and it only make sense to share the costs and benefits. It does demand a different mind-set but I ma slowly getting there.

Today was an on again, off again rainy day, perfect for soup. I made a lentil stew with lots of onions, garlic , kale and carrots and topped it off with home-made rolls. I am getting a lot more intentional about using my food storage. I am not so good about rotating the canned vegetables as I don’t care for them. I’ll bet I will like them better in April when the garden stuff is gone.

We have had two trees cut down this summer. It left us with a pile of wood that will be a good start on the fuel we will need when we get the chimney repaired and can begin to use the wood furnace in the basement. We also bought our arch so we can start a maple syrup operation in the spring. Between the honey, the syrup and the cider we will be swimming in sweet. I sure hope we can find enough people to barter with for the stuff we need like more wood and manure for the compost heap.

Plans are moving along for a sewing center in our church vestry. Our sustainability group has had dozens of sewing machines donated and enormous amounts of fabric and notions. The idea is to set up a center where we can go to sew, hold classes and repair clinics one night a month. We had everything but space and new we have that. I will probably do a 4-H sewing group too. I bought the pattern for some very cool slippers. I do need some help putting them together. Fortunately, there is an excellent seamstress in my group of friends. I hope I can trade some honey for some help. Sewing is not my strong suit.