I had a terrific mom who never said, “Do what I say, not what I do”, but I am going to say it. Don’t try this at home. So I had a garden full of tiny beets that I did not want to waste. I pulled them up, boiled up the good sized ones for dinner and turned the rest into beet jelly. I could only find one recipe that did not call for jello or kool-aid to be added to the juice so I followed that one. Sort of. It gave the proportions of juice, lemon and sugar and then said to follow the directions on the pectin box. I have made hundreds, if not, thousands jars and jelly over the years so why would I read the instructions? Why would I not just jump in and do what I have always done? Because my mind is a sieve and I can’t remember my kid’s names sometimes and because I was likely to end up with beet syrup, that’s why. So now I have 7 jars of beautiful beet syrup. What are the odds that anybody is going to use this ever?

All of this got me to thinking about how much we do automatically. I make bread and Bruce pays the bills and we rarely take over for one another. If something happened and one of us was left home to take care of everything it could be a major problem. So today I am introducing the idea of cheat sheets, a list of things that each of us needs to know, like the best bread recipe and how to start the rototiller, the quirks with the Kitchen-aid and the quirks with the wood stove. I know about our food supplies and Bruce knows about the bees. We both need to know. I am getting to work on this ASAP.