Bruce and I went on a hike today. It was amazing. I realized that, in spite of living in the country, we are rarely without the mechanical sounds of civilization. There is always traffic in the distance or the noise from the dairy across the field. Our own houses generally have a steady hum that lets you know that the power is still on. In fact, if the electricity goes out in the night, I am awakened by the silence.

I did a little prepping for the hike. I always carry a whistle with me. I figure if I get separated from Bruce I can blow the whistle. I would also blow it if I came face to face with a bear and hope it didn’t just annoy him. I carry something called “survival in a can”. It is a small can, about as big as a large tuna fish can. I contains a pack of water proof matches, some tinder, a couple of pieces of candy, tea bags, bullion packets, a plastic bag for carrying water, a piece of aluminum foil, a tiny fold up stove and a survival manual. The can is used as a pot. It sounds silly but it is actually a pretty good kit for a short hike. I got it at a sporting goods store for about $10.00. We keep one in each glove compartment. I also carry a fold up wind breaker and a spare pair of socks.

We came home with another sack of apples and a lot of pictures. We are taking part in the project and one of our group’s goals is to get pictures of 350 native species, flora and fauna, that we want to protect from the ravages of climate change. The pictures are displayed at the Creamery.

I have decided to take up fishing. I used to fish a lot and I really like it. I think that, from a preparedness standpoint, knowing how to catch fish is a good idea. We are fortunate to live near a clean river although I don’t think they stock it anymore.