It’s dark and cold and damp and I have the blahs. I can’t come up with an interesting topic and I can’t get energized to get any work done. It happens to everybody from time to time. I am especially vulnerable in the autumn. I guess I need a plan. If I get started on drying the pears today I will feel better. I think that is true whenever we are feeling overwhelmed. If an entire project seems like too much, set up a plan to do one, small achievable piece of it. Once the first step is taken, the rest just seems to flow.

This has some application to preparedness. The process can seem like just too much. Too much to buy, too much to store, too much to learn. But if you pick one thing and get that accomplished, the rest will follow. For me, it was oatmeal. I remember getting 5 canisters because I had coupons. Once I had the oatmeal, it just followed that I should get a couple of boxes of powdered milk, extra raisins and some sugar to store with it.

Survivalblog has a list of the top apocalyptic novels. I am going to copy down the names of the books I have not read and order them from inter-library loan. That will cheer me up which is a bit scary, isn’t it? I am also going to order some clothing for my daughter. I usually buy her things at the second-hand store or a thrift shop but I have not come across what I needed. She wears a lot of Lands End T-shirt dresses and leggings and I have not found her size. I went on the overstock section of the website and found what I needed for not a lot more than a thrift shop would have charged.

There. I am feeling better already. The coffee is brewing. The kids are up and sun is just peaking over the hill. Maybe I will take Bruce to lunch at the Creamery and call a friend later. I can make some soup. I will have a day.