My No Post Saturday Post is about grace.

We don’t say grace at every meal. What we always do is a round robin of our food. What did we grow or forage? What did we barter for or buy locally or purchase in bulk? If  a food is not local, where did it originate? How far did it travel? Could we grow it? What would we get to replace it? It is a kind of grace as we realize  how blessed we are. Even the dirty dishes after a meal becomes a parting benediction. How lucky am I to be able to feed my children until they have enough? Every crust pan is testament to my great fortune.

Last night we ate tiny pieces of steak and great mounds of potatoes fried with onions, rehydrated mushrooms, bread and butter pickles and peas from the freezer. We drank glasses of icy milk and finished off with slices of bread and butter. The bread was a gift from our friends, Barbara and Sheri. I made the pickles, grew the peas, potatoes, onions and cucumbers and foraged the mushrooms. The milk is local. The tiny steaks were not local and I will not purchase more when the stash in the freezer runs out. The spices were not local but purchased in bulk from our co-op. One meal. So much to be grateful for.