A couple of readers asked about TEOTWAWKI. If I woke tommorrow and found that a solar storm had knocked out the grid and learned that it was not going to up and running for 6 months, what would I be glad I  had and what would I wish for.

Andrea had a good idea with the list of 100. This list was compiled after the siege of Sarajevo. It lists the top 100 things that disappeared. It is a good beginning if you are new to preparedness. Here goes with my own list, written in a coffeeless stupor at 5:00 AM.

Glad I have:

two plus cases of canning jar lids and hundreds of jars

lots of heavy blankets

redundant ways to cook

lots of liquid paraffin lamp fuel

root cellar


perennial food plants

a walkable community


good boots

hand tools

crank radio


At the top of the list are my books. I have books on every aspect of self sufficient living. Knowledge is a powerful tool. My DH has the mind of an engineer and between us, we can pretty much solve any problem thrown at us.

What I wish I had:

better bikes for all of us

an outdoor oven

a better wood stove and three years of cut and seasoned wood

hunting experience and lots of stored ammo


The top of my list would have to be medication. I have a kid who is med dependent and this is a drug that is not available for stockpile.

These lists assume stored food, food processing equipment, a source of water, seeds and gardening supplies. This should generate some discussion. What do you have and what do you wish for? Do you have a strategy for acquiring what you want? Have you had some experience that would point out a need we might have missed? Let’s hear from everyone. There is so much to learn.